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Tutors Training Vinnytsia

11 April 2020

ELT Training for English Teachers


Tutors Training Vinnytsia

Are you an English teacher?

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Then this ELT event is just right for YOU!

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Ways to Increase Your Income As a Teacher

Tetiana Moskalenko — Tetiana has 8-year teaching experience offline as well as online. She has experience of teaching young learners, teenagers, adults, exam preparation, Business English and English for different sphere experts. Founder and director of Well Done Online English School with more than 100 students.
Details about her workshop
Nowadays online education is gaining popularity in progression. More and more schools and one-to-one tutors are moving to the Internet but, unfortunately, not all of them know how NOT to be bored and boring. This workshop enables ESL teachers to find out about online tools for effective and engaging learning. During Tetiana’s session you will get acquainted with numerous ways to transform offline methodology into online one. You will learn how to implement new practices into digital education and you will discover new methods for working out materials for your lessons. Moreover, you will be provided with insights and inspiration from Tetiana’s online school. By the end of her workshop you will have practised new tools and, as a result, you will have new creative ideas for your own teaching environment.

Teaching Lexis: How to Bring Words to Life

Olena Chekryzhova – Olena holds a degree in Practical Psychology and Teaching English. She has taught English in a wide range of contexts since 2009, including teaching young learners, exam preparation, business English, English for specific purposes, which enabled her to get diverse experience of working with all levels and age groups. Striving for further development, she did her TKT and completed CELTA in 2016.
Olena is a founder of ENGINFORM online school. She teaches online 121, runs webinars, designs online and offline courses, and trains a team of dedicated teachers of her school.
Olena believes in lifelong learning, is keen on Neuro-linguistic programming and has set her sights on C2 Proficiency.
Details about her workshop
This practical workshop will help you enhance your teaching and boost your students’ vocabulary acquisition.
Selecting vocabulary items for teaching: 7 criteria
13 ways to introduce meaning without translation
How to clarify form and pronunciation
Recording and organizing lexis
How to make your students remember and use new vocabulary.

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The 7 Most Harmful IELTS Myths Debunked

Iryna Brazhnyk — Iryna has 12 years of English teaching experience. She holds a Master’s Degree in English language, literature and translation and is a certified IELTS trainer (Academic IELTS Band 8.0, CEFR C1), author and trainer of «IELTS Intensive Course». She has done «IELTS Writing Course» by ex-IELTS examiner Simon Corcoran. Also, she presented the topic «Tips on Teaching IELTS Speaking» at Tutors Conference 2019. Iryna is the owner of New Way School in Poltava, where her areas of responsibility are exam preparation, human resources management, quality control, academic workshops and course.
Details about her workshop
Sometimes we as teachers can be puzzled with some details about the exam and its assessment criteria, or we doubt some teaching methods to get the best results from our students. We are just not sure what is right and wrong. The workshop will closely look at some of the most controversial issues of the exam and its training to bring you confidence and competence you need to be at your best while teaching or taking the exam yourself.

Enhancing teaching: neurolanguage coaching®️

Vlada Vasylieva — Vlada is a certified and accredited neurolanguage coach®️, a teacher trainer, a constantly developing language lover. After 8 years of experience in teaching adults General and Business English with the help of various approaches, she has become fascinated by the progress and results that can be achieved through using neurolanguage coaching®️ developed by Rachel Palling. At the moment Vlada is willing to reach to Ukrainian tutors of English with the aim of getting them acquainted with neurolanguage coaching®️ and preparing the first neurolanguage certification course in Ukraine.
Details about her workshop
In the talk you will explore what neurolanguage coaching®️ is and how it differs from language coaching. Neurolanguage Coaching incorporates structure and principles from the coaching profession and in addition principles of neuroscience to create a process that helps the language learner increase learner autonomy and facilitate language connections using a brain friendly approach. Further on, you will have some practice and see how neurolanguage coaching®️ can help you boost your career.



The Questions We Ask: Transformative Speaking Practices

Lilia Kardenas — Lilia is a combination of an English teacher and psychotherapist who specialises in teaching real English through integrating mindfulness, emotional mastery, intuitive learning and self-discovery techniques within the context of bespoke conversational lessons. She has been teaching English for 12 years (now 28, she started teaching right after she finished school). Having come from a Ukrainian family, Lilia has become well-known in the teaching community for her distinct British accent, which she enjoys teaching to learners all over the world. Lilia majored in English philology and translation. While investing her time in healing and counseling, Lilia keeps teaching English online one-to-one to learners from all walks of life. She also holds a CELTA qualification and runs a Youtube channel for teachers, where she talks about combining self-development and therapy techniques with mainstream teaching methods.
Details about her workshop
One big reason why learners might be reluctant to speak at length is that the questions we ask are often either too black-or-white or bear little sense whatsoever. The ability to ask real questions that contribute to our students’ wellbeing is a skill we can develop. Once we choose to ask questions that help students open up in a way that they can learn more about themselves, we suddenly end up with clients who are inspired and talkative.

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Tutors Training – ELT conference for English teachers by Language Tutors educational centre, where participants get equipped with skills and tools for their successful teaching.


  • Practical skills in teaching English;
  • Useful tips;
  • New friends among colleagues;
  • Workshops;
  • Practical tasks;
  • Hand-outs;
  • Attendance certificate;
  • Free coffee break;
  • Prizes 🎁


Registration is on till 9 April!

till 15 March - 450 uah, till 9 April - 490 uah

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Training Host

Language Tutors

Language Tutors — an educational centre for English teachers and learners in Kyiv, Ukraine.

What we do:

  • Tutors Conference — ELT conference for English teachers by Language Tutors educational centre, where participants get equipped with skills and tools for their successful teaching;
  • One-to-one English and German lessons;
  • Corporate English and German lessons.

Training Location

Conference Hall at 3 Lypkivskogo Street – a stylish conference hall close to the city centre. 5-min walk from Central Railway Station and 7-min walk from Vokzalna underground station.

3 Vasylia Lypkivskogo Street, Kyiv