Tutors Conference Online 29 May 2021 - Language Tutors

Tutors Conference Online

29 May 2021

Rewarding Efficiency for English Teachers

Tutors Conference Online

Are you an English teacher?

Want to manage your time effectively as a teacher?

Want to network and socialize with colleagues?

Want to boost your teaching income?

Then this ELT event is just right for YOU!

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Conference Programme

Serhii Kushnikov
IELTS Advanced, Founder of Language Tutors, Tutors Conferences organizer, speaker
How to Boost your Income as an English Teacher
Iryna Brazhnyk
TKT, IELTS Trainer, New Way Language School Owner and CEO
IELTS Teaching as a Tool to Increase Your Product Line: Steps from Idea to Realisation
Svitlana Poliezhaieva
TESOL, IELTS General Advanced, Webinars author and of the book “Time management of a working mom”
Time Management for Teachers
Lottery and gifts
Conference End

Tutors Conference – ELT conference for English teachers by Language Tutors educational centre, where participants get equipped with skills and tools for their successful teaching.


  • Practical skills in teaching English;
  • Useful tips;
  • New friends among colleagues;
  • Workshops;
  • Practical tasks;
  • Hand-outs;
  • Attendance certificate;
  • Prizes 🎁


Early bird (till 16 May)
sold out
  • Access to all live sessions
  • Speakers’ PFD presentations
  • Video records of all the sessions
  • Certificate of attendance (according to Ministry of Education Standards)
  • Present

Middle (till 23 May)
sold out
  • Access to all live sessions
  • Speakers’ PFD presentations
  • Video records of all the sessions
  • Certificate of attendance (according to Ministry of Education Standards)
  • Present

Last-minute (till 28 Apr)
490 UAH (19 USD)
  • Access to all live sessions
  • Speakers’ PFD presentations
  • Video records of all the sessions
  • Certificate of attendance (according to Ministry of Education Standards)
  • Present

Conference Host

Language TutorsLanguage Tutors — an educational centre for English teachers and learners in Kyiv, Ukraine. What we do:

  • Tutors Conference — ELT conference for English teachers by Language Tutors educational centre, where participants get equipped with skills and tools for their successful teaching;
  • One-to-one English and German lessons;
  • Corporate English and German lessons.

SERHII KUSHNIKOV is the founder of Language Tutors Educational Centre for English teachers and host of Tutors Conferences, one-to-one English and German teacher in Kyiv, Ukraine, holds IELTS Academics Certificate (C1)

Event Partners

Conference Location

This coming Tutors Conference will be held online on ZOOM conference platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get an attendance certificate?
Each participant will get a certificate of attendance which meets all standards issued by Ministry of Education of Ukraine (4 academic hours).
May I get a refund in case I can’t turn up at the event?
In this case you will get access to recorded live streaming of the conference and all PDF presentations of the event. In addition, we will send a certificate of attendance to your email address.
How can I pay for the conference?

You can do it at the bank in Ukraine or any online banking services within Ukraine. You may need the following bank details:

Account number - UA953052990000026003026210023, КУШНIКОВ СЕРГIЙ ОЛЕГОВИЧ ПIДПРИЄМЕЦЬ, ЄДРПОУ (ІНН): 3060614016, Банк: АО КБ «ПРИВАТБАНК». Payment details – «За участь у конференції (full names of participants)».

The easiest way is to transfer the funds via Privat24 app on your phone:

  • Log into your Privat24 app
  • Choose «Платежі» out of the bottom menu
  • Click “Новий платіж” button at the bottom
  • Click “Заповнити реквізити” button
  • Fill in the account number - UA953052990000026003026210023
  • Fill in «Призначення» - «За участь у конференції (full names of participants)»
  • Fill in «Сума» according to the valid fee
  • Click “Продовжити”
  • Confirm the payment

USD PAYMENTS NOT from Ukraine (payments from abroad):

Pay to - KUSHNIKOV SERHII, MasterCard number 5168745602749076 (USD)

Details of payment (if required) – “donation for TC from (your name and surname)”

If any payment problems, let us know at tutors.conference@gmail.com

When does the conference start and end?
The Conference starts at 10:30 a.m. on 29 May 2021 with interaction & networking. 10:45 – Programme start. Speakers’ sessions will last approximately till 14:15. Will have one coffee break. Stay till the end – a lottery, prizes and other useful info are waiting for you!
How will I get my conference access?
You will get an email confirming your payment and with access link to the online conference room in ZOOM conferencing platform with the meeting ID. IMPORTANT – please make sure you have installed ZOOM app on your phone or laptop prior to the conference to avoid unnecessary technical problems.
Serhii kushnikov

IELTS Advanced, Founder of Language Tutors, Tutors Conference organizer, speaker

SERHII KUSHNIKOV is an English and German tutor with 21-year experience, host and founder of Tutors Conferences, entrepreneur since 2012, has experience in blogging as well as creating materials for ELT, lives in Kyiv, Ukraine.

He has experience in arranging and promoting speaking clubs, language school and programmes at youth summer tent camps

How to Boost Your Income as an English Teacher

There are several proven approaches each English teacher can apply to increase their own income. The session is aimed to demonstrate and train the participants in implementing those income rise approaches proven in Sergiy's teaching and entrepreneurial experience.

Iryna Brazhnyk

TKT, IELTS Trainer, New Way Language School Owner and CEO

Iryna has 13 years of English teaching experience. She holds a Master’s Degree in English language from Kharkiv National Karazin University, literature and translation and is a certified IELTS trainer (Academic IELTS Band 8.0, CEFR C1), author and trainer of «IELTS Intensive Course» and intensive online course «IELTS Guide for Teachers» in partnership with Inna Corduna. She has done «IELTS Writing Course» by ex-IELTS examiner Simon Corcoran.

Also, she presented the topic «Tips on Teaching IELTS Speaking» at Tutors Conference 2019 and «The 7 Most Harmful IELTS Myths Debunked» at Tutors Conference 2020. Iryna is the owner of New Way School in Poltava, where her areas of responsibility are exam preparation, human resources management, quality control and academic workshops.

IELTS Teaching as a Tool to Increase Your Product Line: Steps from Idea to Realisation

Often we think about adding variety to our teaching programs or changing our direction in tutoring but we lack courage or knowledge to go ahead with our plans.

At the session we are going to discuss how to implement a new product in your teaching arsenal by the example of IELTS preparation.

The session will give you a step-by-step plan how to start teaching IELTS preparation as one of your alternative programs, what resources you need, where to find first customers, how to promote yourself and some common mistakes to avoid.

Svitlana Poliezhaieva

IELTS and TESOL certified, webinar author, speaker, author of book "Time management of a working mom"

SVITLANA is a TESOL certified English teacher, IELTS General Advanced (total score 7.0 in 2019). The results of her students in IELTS are 6.0-7.5. She has 14 years of teaching experience. Has been working online since January 2019. Teaches 25 students per year online individually. Teaches IELTS, General English from Beginner to Advanced, Business English, English for IT to adults. She is the author of 2 online courses: “Enter IT in English”, “Your English Diary”. The author of webinars “English online: where to start?”, “Step-by-step preparation for IELTS”, “How to prepare for external independent testing in 2021 stress-free”. Shares tips for learning English, time management methods and personal life stories on her blog. Finishing the book “Time management of a working mom”, has two daughters.

Time Management for Teachers

Time management is a tool that can help you organize yourself, your family and work. Using time management as a tool you will be able to do important tasks stress-free, live a meaningful life and be satisfied with yourself.

I am a working mom of two daughters aged 4 and 9. When I felt exhausted and burned out in my life three years ago teaching 2 lessons per week, I started using time management methods. Gradually, they helped me feel healthier & happier, organize my life and work. Now I teach up to 12 lessons per week, keep a blog, write a book and constantly improve my skills. At the same time I am a normal mom of 2 kids and a wife.

In this session I am going to share my experience of using time management, technology tools I’m using to organize my work. We will work out:

1) what to do when students cancel or postpone the lesson 5 minutes before it starts and how to avoid such situations;

2) how to avoid burnout in teaching;

3) how to reschedule and plan a lesson in 10 minutes using your phone;

4) what doesn’t work in online-courses and where to invest your time;

5) how to organize your day & life - when to work and when to relax, what to do and what not to do:)

Lilia Kardenas

CELTA qualified English teacher, psychotherapist, runs own YouTube channel

Lilia is a combination of an English teacher and psychotherapist who specialises in teaching real English through integrating mindfulness, emotional mastery, intuitive learning and self-discovery techniques within the context of bespoke conversational lessons.

She has been teaching English for 12 years (now 28, she started teaching right after she finished school). Having come from a Ukrainian family, Lilia has become well-known in the teaching community for her distinct British accent, which she enjoys teaching to learners all over the world. Lilia majored in English philology and translation.

While investing her time in healing and counseling, Lilia keeps teaching English online one-to-one to learners from all walks of life. She also holds a CELTA qualification and runs a Youtube channel for teachers, where she talks about combining self-development and therapy techniques with mainstream teaching methods.

Unitive Teaching

Unitive Teaching is the most meaningful and student-oriented method of teaching English to date.

By the tool of the English language, through Speaking and Writing work, we are called to invite our learners to explore what we all wish we had been taught at school (but never were):

- the art of love, happiness, being and human relationships;

- effective communication;

- the power of thinking for ourselves;

- discovering our life purpose;

- creating a fulfilling life experience.

Unitive Teaching draws activities from a broad range of disciplines, such as psychology, epistemology, personal development and self-help, neuroscience, spirituality, philology and psycholinguistics. It is a powerful combination of techniques that stimulate effective language usage and create genuine meaning in both students’ and teachers’ lives.

Olga Lysak

TESOL and CELTA-certified teacher, PhD, E-teacher scholarship winner (Oregon, USA)

Olga is a TESOL and CELTA-certified teacher currently working in her own project “Smart English” as an online tutor for General, Business English, and exams preparation. She has been teaching English for 14 years to different learners from beginners at nursery school to business people. In 2015, she completed a Ph.D. thesis in professional education.

She has been a participant of numerous seminars, conferences, and workshops in ELT, won an “E-teacher scholarship” to cover the course “Building Teaching Skills through the Interactive Web” from the University of Oregon and took part in Advanced Training in European Universities of Slovakia-Hungary-Austria in 2018.

7 ways to spice up your lessons with photos and videos

The presentation is aimed at familiarizing EFL teachers, mainly those working with pre-intermediate and above students, with free sources of short videos and photos, and different approaches to utilizing these resources for English language teaching. Will be provided practical examples illustrating how they can be used for the development of skills of oral and written communication.

Yuliia Danylenko

CELTA, DELTA, IHCYLT-certified teacher, FLEX alumna, translator

Yuliia graduated from Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko university in 2019 and holds a degree in International Relations and Translation. She did her CELTA in 2018, IHCYLT in 2019. She has also done DELTA Modules 1 and 2.

Yuliia has been teaching English since 2014. She has taught various ages (including very young learners) and levels (ranging from Starters to Advanced students), including exam and ESP classes.

Using dictations in a classroom

Dictations are very often dismissed in ESL classrooms. Many think it’s a teacher-centered boring activity that neither students not their teacher enjoy. Some might also get terrible flashback from their school time.

This session is designed to prove that dictations deserve a second chance and can come in handy at various lesson staged. It’s a practical workshop where we will take a look at different kinds of dictations and discuss how they to adapt and use them with all ages and levels.