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Tutors Conference Kyiv

19 October 2019

ELT Conference for English Teachers


Tutors Conference Kyiv

Are you an English teacher?

Want to get equipped with new teaching techniques?

Want to network and socialize with colleagues?

Need professional growth and inspiration?

Then this ELT event is just right for YOU!

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Voc & Speak Booster System

Maryna Tsehelska — Associate Professor of Kryvyi Rig Pedagogical University, founder and CEO of Interclass Educational Centre, author of ESL textbooks and creator of an effective English language teaching system.
Details about her workshop
The workshop is aimed at teaching how to develop vocabulary and speaking using concept and speaking maps thus creating a meaningful scaffolding system. Such maps structure vocabulary into the categories and are charts for learning and reference. For classroom usage they are supported with speaking maps that
promote successful language acquisition from the early stages of learning.
Workshop will cover the following key points:
1. Main principles and steps in concept maps development, analysis of the given maps.
2. Scaffolding speaking with maps and cards.
3. Using higher order thinking skills in developing speaking and vocabulary.

DigiStoryLand: the New Face of Storytelling in ELT

Yuliia Kulyna & Kristina Tsentsova – Yuliia Kulyna (CELTA, Delta, LCCI FTBE, PTE Level 5 (C2) is an ELT enthusiast and a continuing development adept, having been in the industry for about 20 years in a variety of contexts. Her areas of responsibility include teaching, exam preparation, in-service teacher training, human resources management, quality control, academic consultations, curriculum and course design. She believes in life-long learning and is happy to share her experience with you.

Khrystyna Tsentsova has graduated from Odessa National University in 2012. One year later, while studying at East Normal University in Shanghai she was teaching English to teens and adults at English Language Private Schools. Since 2015 she has been working in OLSC and teaching English in different contexts as well as preparing students to PTE and Cambridge exams. As the OLSC cooperates with different IT companies, she also has been working with IT specialists. One year later she passed LCCI FTBE and started teaching Business English. In 2016 she did CELTA and became a PTE General and Young Learner Assessor. Last year she did DELTA (Modules 1, 2, 3).

Details about their workshop
We can use stories to present, study, practise and produce English in context.
The traditional storytelling may have a new face with the growing technology today: Digital Storytelling. This is one of the new twists of the technology.
With so many tools available you don’t even need to be good with technology as creating digital content is easier than ever before. Digital recorders and cameras are easy to use and there are many simple apps for audio and video recording.
All English language learners, young learners and adults, find digital storytelling activities stimulating and relevant.
In our session the participants will be provided with ideas to introduce storytelling in the classroom from an unusual perspective.
We are going to demonstrate how to design and organize creative activities and present our own developments of the concept.
The session is for those who teach teens and adults, though the material is adaptable and anyone interested would benefit from it.

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Developing Listening Skills for the Exam and beyond

Inna Nestoiter — 20-year English teaching experience for school years 1-11, teacher-methodologist of High Category, teacher trainer, 15-year experience as a deputy head teacher, 10-year experience as a senior ZNO examiner, has been conducting trainings and work-shops of Macmillan Publishers (The UK).
Details about her workshop
Listening is a difficult skill to develop. What makes it so difficult for EFL learners? How to conduct a listening lesson and avoid just testing the skill? In this session you will get practical tips and advice how to develop listening skills for success both in the exam and outside the classroom.

How Do You Know They Know?

Chris Reese — A Delta-qualified English teacher and teacher trainer (CELTA / CELT-S), and has experience teaching General English, Exam Preparation, Business English, and Young Learners. He is also the co-author of Exam Booster ZNO, a coursebook for helping Ukrainian students prepare for their state school exams.
Details about his workshop
Very often, when we’re presenting new material to our students, it’s easy to make the assumption that learners “get it” because it’s “easy” — but how true is this statement? In this practical session, participants will examine and try out methods of making sure that their learners are keeping up with their lessons, and how to make sure the whole class understands what’s going on, in small, large, and very large classes.



Pronunciation Games as Warmers and Time Fillers

Daryna Luhovska — A Teacher Trainer and Teacher of English with 8 years of teaching experience. She is a regular presenter at Ukrainian and International ELT Conferences. Daryna holds a Bachelor Degree in English language, literature and translation; CELTA; Delta; TKT; IHCYLT and LCCI FTBE (Certificate in teaching business English). She works for Grade Education Center in the Teacher Training Department in Kyiv, Ukraine. Doing research on and teaching phonology is among her greatest passions. She believes that teaching is a creative process and whatever is learnt with pleasure will never be forgotten.

Details about her workshop
We usually help our students with some pronunciation while teaching systems (grammar and vocabulary) and there is some pronunciation work during delayed error correction. When students are tired, we tend to give them a fun, short activity to give them a little break and to wake them up. However, how often do we actually use pronunciation games to do so? The answer is (almost) never. Clearly, pronunciation is crucial, which means that practising it in class on a regular basis is as important as anything else we choose to teach in class. It is evident that we, teachers, and our students might not be ready for such changes. So, why don’t we start small and have short, fun, interactive, but at the same time such important, purposeful and effective pronunciation games starting from, say, tomorrow? In this practical workshop you will get a chance to try out many activities that will not only be fun warmers or time fillers, but will also help your students improve their pronunciation greatly.

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Tutors Conference – ELT conference for English teachers by Language Tutors educational centre, where participants get equipped with skills and tools for their successful teaching.


  • Practical skills in teaching English;
  • Useful tips;
  • New friends about colleagues;
  • Workshops and book sale;
  • Practical tasks;
  • Hand-outs;
  • Attendance certificate;
  • Free coffee breaks;
  • Prize draw 🎁


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Conference Host

Language Tutors

Language Tutors — an educational centre for English teachers and learners in Kyiv, Ukraine.

What we do:

  • Tutors Conference — ELT conference for English teachers by Language Tutors educational centre, where participants get equipped with skills and tools for their successful teaching;
  • One-to-one English and German lessons;
  • Corporate English and German lessons.

Conference Location

Leonardo Hall – a stylish conference hall at the Leonardo Business Centre in the heart of Kyiv. 5-min walk from Teatralna underground station, 7-min walk from Khreshchatyk Str, 15-min from Central Railway Station.

17/52 Bohdana Khmelnytskogo Str, Kyiv (entrance from Volodymyrska Str)